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  • isn't it better to use compact sql server instead of sql server? - secrets
    • At one point I was using Compact, but it is currently not compatible with Linq to SQL (which is something I wanted to use) and is not available in 64-bit form. I wanted it to run natively on both my 64-bit vista machines and my 32-bit machines so that elminated Compact edition. It is my understanding that closer to VS9 release both of these problems will be resolved. In all honesty with XML to Linq it could probably just be left in XML form. My purpose behind this project was to learn new technologies, so yes there are "better" ways, but it wouldn't be nearly as fun :) Update 9-18-07: The project was switched to use Sql Server Compact Edition for performance reasons.
  • What do I need to run Product Key Manager?
    • As of 8/10/2007 the latest published release requires .NET 3.5 Beta 2 and SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5. A non-beta version is planned to be available shortly after .NET 3.5 is released to manufacturing.
  • Can I participate?
    • Anyone interested in helping with this project should post in the discussion board expressing how you would like to be involved.

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